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This is the stadium that James built.

Frustrated with unsafe work conditions and thankless jobs, James was ready to be a part of something bigger. He chose to grow his skills as a carpenter, allowing him to get better pay and better benefits to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

He joined thousands of other skilled, hard-working craftspeople and carpenters to help build the new Minnesota stadium, future home to an NFL Super Bowl and other iconic events that will transform Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Eventually he realized that he wasn’t only building a state-of-the-art stadium, he was also finding his purpose in life.

“It’s rewarding to be a part of a project as big as the stadium and to be making commercial pay.”

Build iconic buildings while building your career.  Contact us for more information.



This is the family that Miguel supports.

Miguel spent the first three years of his son’s life never knowing when he would make it home from the job site to spend quality time with his family. Fed up with eating cold meals in front of late-night television, Miguel decided to make a career change. He became a carpenter.

Fast forward six months and he is home before dinner every night, leaving time to build a playground in the backyard while his son hands him his tools.

“It’s rewarding to be a part of a project as big as the stadium and to be making commercial pay.”

Build iconic buildings while building your career.  Contact us for more information.



This is the brotherhood Corey built.

After 15 years in carpentry, Corey thought he had learned it all. Tired and burnt out, Corey needed something to remind him why he chose his career. Then he met Derek and Jeremiah, each of whom had experience in areas of carpentry that Corey didn’t. He could now better his trade skills by expanding his skillset through on-the-job training and continued education.

Working side by side, Corey and his fellow carpenters learn from each other. In addition, his job as a carpenter offers him the opportunity to continually learn new skills through classes, education and on-site work.

“A knowledgeable person can still expand his skills.”

While building new buildings carpenters build each other up. Contact us for more information.



This is the home that Matthew built.

It had been 14 months since Matthew returned home from Iraq. There, he was a part of a team. He relied on the people around him and they relied on him. He had a purpose. Back home, he couldn’t help but feel isolated and had a hard time finding a career that was fulfilling in the way his time in the military was.

Then he became a carpenter and slowly, but surely, started to remember that familiar feeling of being a part of working on a team to accomplish something great. Matthew began to find a renewed sense of purpose and rebuild his life on American soil.

“I found a renewed sense of pride in working with my carpentry team.”

Carpentry jobs put veterans back to work. Contact us for more information.


Join the best-trained and most productive workforce in the construction industry. Gain valuable learning and additional job experience by becoming a North Central States carpenter.

Advance Your Carpentry Skills

North Central States carpenters never stop learning. Our 14 training centers offer a year-round schedule of skill upgrades and industry certifications for journey-level workers at all points in your career. This training ensures that you can expand your abilities, specialize your skills, and keep up with the industry’s newest techniques and technologies. It’s all part of the productivity and value we bring to the job.

We also take jobsite safety seriously. Our training centers offer more than two dozen types of health and safety training, including First Aid, basic and advanced OSHA training, customized training for Millwrights, confined space work, and specialized needs.

Grow your skills with North Central States carpenters. Contact us for more information.

Begin a Paid Apprenticeship

As a paid apprentice you’ll work next to skilled industry veterans for four years, and the best part: the training you receive is included in the cost of your membership. You’ll complete 7,000 hours of on-the-job training, as well as between 144 and 520 hours of classroom and hands-on learning at training centers in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. All while earning an hourly wage and pension in addition to fringe benefits.

Some of your benefits, in addition to learning how to become a skilled carpenter, could include:

  • Family health insurance, including dental and optical, with no monthly premium
  • Retirement pension
  • Higher wages
  • Training programs
  • Savings plan

Begin your apprenticeship today. Contact us to get started today!

Contact us to get started today!


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